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Counselling for Relationships

Do any of the following strike a chord with you? If so, you could benefit from counselling for relationships. You don’t need to come as a couple to improve your relationship. Working as an individual with a counsellor can give you a real insight into what needs changing.
  • My partner and I fall into the same old patterns: arguing, jealousy, sulks, being a martyr, withdrawing, blaming, winding each other up
  • I wish I could meet a new partner
  • This relationship seems to bring me so little, yet I’m afraid to leave
  • I want a better sex life
  • I wonder whether we should stay together for the sake of the children?
  • I’ve had an affair/my partner has had an affair
  • Why do I always seem to pick the same sort of man/woman?
  • I’m lonely
  • My kids are running rings around me
  • Why am I the one doing all the work around here?
  • I wish I got on better with my parents/siblings
  • Why is it that friends always wait for me to ring them?

Relationships can mean how you are in your marriage or with your partner. It could also be about friendships and wider family issues. It can be difficult and embarrassing to talk about relationship issues with friends and family. Counselling is confidential and the focus is completely on you, so you don’t have to worry about going on about your problems.

We’ll take a good long look at what’s been happening and what choices you have. You need to be really motivated to make changes in your life, so we’ll look at what the consequences will be if you carry on the same, and what might happen if you try something different. What’s the worst that could happen? Will it be worse than staying as you are?

One obvious way to tackle relationship problems is to seek couples counselling. But sometimes both partners aren’t willing to do this. One-to-one counselling can help you work out what you can do within the relationship to improve things.

Julia Bellerby - Counselling, Psychotherapy, Coaching and Counsellor Supervision in York, and worldwide by phone, skype or online

Julia Bellerby
Grad. Dip. Counselling, Cert. Counsellor Supervision, Dip. Coaching, BACP Accredited
Contact me on 07939 255425 or click here to contact me by email.