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Life Coaching

Have you ever felt that...
  • you haven’t realised your potential at work
  • there’s too much stress in your life
  • you never get enough time to yourself
  • you need to get fitter
  • you're in a rut
  • you wish you had more self-confidence
  • you'd like to have more money
  • your relationship/s could be better
  • you can't seem to relax

If so - life coaching could be for you.

What is life coaching?

The term "life coaching" is banded about all over the place these days. It can all sound a bit American, a bit faddy. But think back to coaching's sporting origins - a football coach is someone who works to get the very best performance out of the team.

Coaching moves you from where you are now to where you want to be. I will help you identify how you want to change and together we will work out effective strategies for you to reach your goals.

The sessions are confidential and the focus is completely on you. This creates a supportive setting where you find the motivation to work towards the life you want. It’s so much easier when you’re not on your own.

The coaching relationship will be unlike any other in your life. The sessions are confidential, so you can talk freely to me about whatever you want. The focus is on you. It's your time. We will build a trusting partnership to support your needs.

There's nothing wishy-washy about life coaching. We'll take a long, cool look at how your life is at the moment and what aspects of it need changing. Then we'll set goals that will be achievable but that will make a difference. I will help you to see that the effort required to change is worth it - in other words I will help you find motivation.
What it's not

Life Coaching is not counselling. It's generally acknowledged that coaching will not help if you have deep-seated problems that may be holding you back. For instance, if you were bullied at school and still find yourself frightened of bullying at work, you may fail to move up the career ladder. You may need to come to terms with what happened at school before this block can be removed.

Normally a coach will not work with past difficulties.

However because I am also a qualified counsellor, I can continue to work with you if past issues are getting in the way of your objectives.

Link here to "My Counselling Services".

Life Coaching will not tell you what to do. You are the expert in your own life. I can help you be objective and think clearly about what needs to change. But in the end you will need to follow what's right for you in order to achieve success. I will encourage you and challenge you, but I won't be directive.

Sometimes clients have a clear idea about specific areas they want to work on. Others come not knowing where to start but knowing life could be better. These are the sorts of things I've often worked with:
  • Stress management
  • Career change
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Weight loss/fitness
  • Confidence-building
  • Anxiety reduction

Life Coaching is not self-indulgent. First class coaching is not cheap and it needs to be effective. I will keep you focused on what you want to achieve so that you see tangible results. It is not a cosy chat - but I will aim to create a supportive environment where you will feel at ease and able to talk freely and honestly.

So if you think your life could do with a spring-clean, get in touch.

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Julia Bellerby
Grad. Dip. Counselling, Cert. Counsellor Supervision, Dip. Coaching, BACP Accredited
Contact me on 07939 255425 or click here to contact me by email.